Why is there no traffic on your site

now, Internet personal Adsense abuse moves

first move: interactive

1, apply for self connection

2, site navigation landing

3, friendship connection

second trick: single chain

1, in the blog, forums, post bar, forums, information dissemination station site publicity, so as to achieve the goal of single chain type.

2, landing search engine

3, bookmark

third: to attract

1, sweepstakes, gift activities, website integration, gift activities, outstanding member awards. (like cheap ones)

2, the forum replies,

3, member registration requires registration code

4, membership information is visible (people are curious),

5, exceptions, highlights, focus, hot, charming articles or pictures, content,

6, registration invitation

7, hype attracted

fourth trick: invisible

1, write soft Wen, article

2, SEO optimization,

3, video, tutorials, copyright,

4, picture watermark or picture

fifth recruit: instant

1, mail bulk

station, station member mail bulk, QQ group mail,

2, QQ, QQ group and other instant mass

sixth move: awkward

personal data, personalized signature, web site connection,

now some in the propaganda when only according to the copy, some have been very good with tricks to abuse, it is that many people do not want to put their successful experience to write out and share, a lot of the time, look at others, then in the light of their own, in order to achieve the desired effect what is not, can rely on replication, now someone else is not strong is very imitative.

don’t move according to others, really good things, very few people are willing to share and write, if write out, it means that this method has been or is about to fail, no matter do stand or be good, diligent and honest is the root of this success, do not always go want to go to what.

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