Alexa world site rankingsFrom the end of 5 years to fund it real 300 investment projects

such as the current world ranking of the most * front website: YAHOO topped the list, followed by MSN msn/, two Korean site daum/ and naver/ was third and fourth. The fifth is the most famous search engine, shlf1314 shlf1314/. An average of 308000 people per day of Internet users will visit YAHOO. The world’s leading e-commerce retail platform, Amazon amzon/ ranked 14.

, which participated in 248 rounds of angel investment, accounting for about 75%, is the largest proportion of the real investment

from the New Oriental "three carriages" to the present "Godfather", for Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang, the real fund is undoubtedly a beautiful turn.

real fund was born, Xu Xiaoping said many times, Stanford University, that MBA learning experience, for him and the real thing are deeply affected. So far, jumei, its founder, Chen ou and Xu Xiaoping, met at Stanford University.

Alexa will also be based on Internet users to comment on the site, in the comprehensive ranking information, with "Star" to the site rating, the highest "5 stars."". Domestic website rank the most before the sina net, got "2 stars"". The Alexa site itself does not participate in the rankings, but Alexa to their evaluation for 4.

if IE is embedded in the Alexa toolbar Alexa Toolbar, then every access to a site, its comprehensive ranking will show. That’s what people call rankings. If you check a website through Alexa, you first see the site’s overall ranking, along with a screenshot of the site’s first page, and a simple text description of the site’s content. In the case of, the ranking is 21304, that is N months before


Sina Technology through inquiries, public information, etc., found that the real fund invested in the company, a total of 296 projects have been financing disclosure. Including multiple rounds of investment, including 330 investments.

after the United States, almost every intention to return to entrepreneurship Standford students will go to the real fund to see "Xu teacher."". According to the real fund’s own statistics, 180 real portfolio companies as a sample statistics, the overseas background of the founder accounted for 42%.

in 2014 and 2015 is the most crazy thing fund investment for two years, in two years, real investment of nearly 200 projects, the management of five dollar fund and four yuan of funds, personnel also expanded to nearly 40 people.

although the real fund’s initial investment time is 2007, but at that time it was only Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang’s personal angel investment. Everyone knows the real thing, that is, the real thing of organization, 2, actually started in the second half of 2011.

date, Zhenge fund has invested in 296 projects, accounting for 75% of the 36% Angel round of investment, the project entered the next round of financing, the company had 5.7% "C wheel die" threshold, which also contains the 2 Unicorn enterprises.

Alexa’s world rankings are divided into two main categories:

voted for nearly 300 projects in one or five years,

categories are classified by topic, such as news, entertainment, shopping, etc. Alexa gives a ranking of a particular site in the same class of sites. Alexa divides its collection of Web sites into 16 broad categories, each of which is divided into multiple themes. Two are classified by language, such as English websites, Chinese websites, French websites, German websites, and so on. Alexa provides a ranking of 21 different language websites. Among them, the Chinese Web site is also divided into two parts: Simplified Chinese and traditional chinese. For Chinese websites, only lists of top 100 websites are published. For example, some of our country is < < > >

"Standford complex" in addition to Standford and the proportion of real returnees is higher than other investment institutions, also let the real development of angel investment in China, will open up overseas venture investment projects. So far, it has invested nearly 40 overseas companies and has an American VP specializing in overseas investment.

ranking can be called absolute ranking, which is a specific site in all about 35000000000 sites in the ranking. Alexa releases a new website ranking every three months. The ranking is based on the cumulative geometric average for three months Users, Reach and page browsing Page, Views.

from the time point of view, the real development cycle and China Mobile Internet time line is very consistent. And the nature of angel investment and a large number of investment projects, but also really stand in the forefront of China’s entrepreneurship. From the end of the real thing, not only is the analysis from the individual to the institutions of the real fund investment performance, such as what kind of thing more love entrepreneurs and track, nearly 300 investment projects to specific performance and so on. Also hope to use the real data to see China Mobile Internet business changes.

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