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this is undoubtedly related to the level of operating margins, the first quarter of Samsung’s smartphone business operating profit margin of 9.7%, only 1/3 of Apple Corp. Businesskorea pointed out that, in addition to the third quarter of last year, Samsung Electronics because Galaxy Note 7 discontinued, the company’s operating losses, this is Samsung’s smartphone business, operating profit for the first time less than 10%.

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clearly, apple and Samsung are faced with OPPO, vivo and other Chinese mainland brand fierce competition in the Chinese market by the impact of market share further reduced. However, this situation, apple still dominated the global profits.

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reported that Apple’s smartphone business operating profit margin of 30.7%. More than 30% of operating margins are also rare in manufacturing.

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, by contrast, second place Samsung is a bit miserable. First of all, not only sales fell, market share dropped by three percentage points; operating profit accounted for the proportion of the world is down to 12.9%, about 1 billion 580 million U. s.dollars, last year, it still holds 21.9%.

Samsung mobile operating profit margin for the first time less than 10%

if you remember, in the first quarter of this year, Apple’s earnings show, Greater China sales fell for 5 consecutive quarters, is the only negative growth in the earnings of the region. In addition, iPhone’s overall sales also showed a slight decline, 400 thousand less than the same period last year.

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South Korean media reported

in addition, according to Gartner data, from the global smartphone market share, whether it is the first Samsung, or apple, the market share is down.

businesskorea released a report, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics in June 4th, the first quarter of this year, the global intelligent mobile phone manufacturers operating profit amounted to $12 billion 110 million, including Apple’s smart mobile phone accounted for 83.4%, higher than the same period last year 79.8%, the specific figures for $10 billion 180 million.

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even if it became mediocre, apple is still the most profitable mobile phone in the world.

, however, from the trend point of view, with the global smartphone market gradually saturated, equipment profit margins decline, Samsung smartphone business operating margin is already continuing to decline. Once, in 2013, its operating margin was 22.1%, but by 2014 it was down to 16%, compared with 11.1% and 11.6% in 2015 and 2016.

OPPO’s operating profit surpassed HUAWEI

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