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I found that weight-loss products like the Commission is very high, generally around 40%, a single Commission is 80 of the month to sell 10 words is 800, I made a single page slimming project, with a long tail keywords drainage, do so many people, like taobao weight loss drug list, Taobao net the best diet pills, diet pills and so on taobao such long tail keywords are taken, we can change the idea, I present the single page is the main source of commission off my Taobao

practice has proved that there are more opportunities outside the wind

he might have been able to succeed even if he had caught a good opportunity. But, in later dissemination, we gradually understood it to become the hot industry, the popular domain. We naively think that because the hot, there will be a variety of power, as long as we understand the occasion, can be successful.

1, Taobao

when Lei Jun said "just standing on the air, pigs can fly this sentence, I do not know what he is saying, but the consequences are obviously, obviously, this sentence misled countless entrepreneurs.


on sh419 know, the conversion rate is very high, there will be a lot of people in sh419 know, ask, and so on, ask what city, what scenic spots near the hotel. We address attached to him, even if he is not scheduled this address on sh419, the future will come from the address on the reservation, I saw a friend in his commission of 6900 a month a few days ago, actually you he has done only about half a year, really took effort to do so, more than this number, in addition the system also provides Web site download, I see the optimization program is also good, a SEO basis can recast better effect, you can customize their own city or large passenger city love, such as my http://s. guangtaoke/hotel/>

but the fact is, since it has been hot, it means that all kinds of competition, and from where we get the external capital? Where you come from, talents come from, products and technology come from? We are robbed, what you can become the lucky pig

obviously, is actually air knife, when a hot field of countless entrepreneurs sharpened want to squeeze when they sharpened head has indeed become a knife, because with the knife, the air when in fact has become a knife.

exactly what is the air outlet, how many pigs can the tuyere


station at the outlet of the pig, its fate as can be imagined, not killed, was castrated, escaped the fate of these two, is scarred hastily flee.

graduated from the University since 08 years, has been a part-time Wangzhuan, I believe most of the webmaster will like me not love not love online games, play games every day, I always believe that I can make money on the Internet, also failed. Lost a lot of money, but slowly I was successful, at least to the success of walking in the direction of a chat, today I do Wangzhuan project and promotion measures

2, hotel e-commerce distribution system

why can Ma Yun succeed, because then electricity supplier makes people feel incredible, so no one dares to try, so it is completely a blank.

a, pat net weight loss pills, dangdang diet pills and other good keyword optimization, usually on the sh419 homepage, anyway, users find diet pills, as long as your page is enough to attract people, clean enough, can bring people to buy Taobao passenger, so we will have a good deal don’t go, and those who go to the competition, the maintenance is also convenient.

we believe that memories is when everyone around 2005 is not particularly optimistic about Taobao, the first batch of Taobao people, because the traditional electricity supplier is not in the air, so they earned a pours, now most of the Amoy brand is growing up in that time, and gradually grow. If the electricity supplier tuyere period, even if the whole of Ali, they can not succeed, it is hard to say.

review of the Internet and business history, we found a surprising fact, but has not entered into the tuyere, only a few people optimistic about a field, people have succeeded, people can obtain more opportunities for development.

is the most I have to say, because the project is in the last year began less than a year’s time, the number of the members is less than 1W, and some other guest Wangzhuan Taobao is a few years ago, the membership has reached hundreds of thousands, as long as the business will have hotel reservations, customer orders on our website is free, go to the hotel front pay to take the key, there is no room to the hotel to avoid trouble, we will get the guest reservation after the success of the Commission 25 yuan.

not only electricity providers, BA>

welcomed the attention "to create things in mind" the WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji

B, ahead of market share, make a page on its website, 2011 taobao slimming keyword optimization, optimization of 2011 Taobao diet pills, pre emptive, optimizing a few pages, do sh419 home page easy amount is waiting for the money

text / seal sail

I suddenly felt that the word "vent" might not be a good word.

in the tuyere blowing up millet and millet 5. We often hear that the air outlet, and then call everyone to the wind, as if a night, there will be no place for you to stand, and then we will rush to a certain field, and then a large number of deaths.

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