English trade website Google Shanghai Longfeng optimization needs what services

lot of Shanghai Longfeng services mistakenly use Google keyword tool Keywords Planner to mislead the follow-up work, less effective. In fact, the noble baby keyword tool is used for AdWords for advertising, can not reflect the degree of competition left natural ranking. 100 key words and we help customers choose, there is a good correlation with the core words of customers, and stable foreign search volume, have not yet been too many opponents using keywords, to do the natural ranking of these words has a high price. At present, there is no similar domestic service.

, the choice of key wordsThe need for Shanghai dragon optimization planning before


in 2015, updated version of the 3 noble baby penguin algorithm, put forward higher requirements on the website of the external links, we set the link, pay more attention to quality is far greater than the number of. In the diversity of the chain, continuity and correlation between these three aspects, try to do the best. We strive to let the chain core and posts written and posted by manual work, rather than software alternatives, the construction of the chain not only consider the transmission weight of the technical level, the transmission of the target flow, pipeline, transfer the best business blossom everywhere, less is the habit of Shanghai dragon.


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two, external link service

in English trade website optimization, according to the customer’s industry, current situation and main competitors situation, data mining, selection of 200 key words about directory, and discharge 100 of the degree of competition is relatively low, and a large amount of search has yet to be discovered the potential combination of popular keywords to customers for reference. Many do English station Shanghai dragon team home, do large-scale projects are using our service to pick words.

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three, station optimization of


Keywords evaluation of the degree of competition in the

station optimization is in accordance with the rules of noble baby, foreign trade website the internal structure to improve, and thus more likely to be noble baby, Yahoo and other search engines crawl, reading and collection, and provides users with more convenient and reliable experience, compared with the traditional PC Internet era, in the mobile Internet era, but also the optimization work the mobile terminal of Shanghai dragon inside our site, and social media in Shanghai Longfeng work priorities and local search in three aspects.

has a good effect to the clients of Shanghai dragon, a participation, innovation of the content on the page, users love the content of our work with Shanghai Dragon technology, Shanghai dragon can achieve success, otherwise by technology and no content, more and more difficult to achieve lasting effect.

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