Beyond the dreams of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform re transmission of news

watch more than once to address this issue, the current Internet webmaster has reached millions, if our website is not competitive, if our website does not have its own characteristics, will not develop for a long time. Because we do not have the user, because we can not be profitable, because we will survive. This is the only

As a webmaster ?

many webmaster friends have a gun, the website hot line, 32 months of passion, half a year of confusion, and morale. What is the reason? Because we only see the success of others, others did not see how much effort. And as a webmaster.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform front open to millions of owners invited large-scale sitemap for the first time, your website (domain贵族宝贝) for the invitation of the site, and has opened sitemap permissions to login after Webmaster Platform can be used. If the website domain opened sitemap permissions, can submit website data of all subdomains the main domain, to help achieve fast included website content. In May 8th, a lot of friends reflect received mail. This is the second in April 25 on the chain judgment, large changes in May 3rd on 404 issues after a let the station moved. The guardian that this good news we should pay attention to the problem there are many, we enumerate one by one, I hope we can cause the discussion.

two: Tianze competitive survival of the fittest.

. No matter what, we all remember a word: the chain for the emperor, content is king. This sentence is wrong? Believe that now many people are wrong. The guardian think this sentence is not wrong, wrong is our own. We only know from its name, see only the chain of two words. So webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng workers do every day is crazy hair the chain, never thought about why the hair of the chain, what is his hair of the chain in the end. Anyway, others are doing so, I will do so.

We do have

three: where is the road network

: a website needs to provide value for customers.

! ?

to return to nature, return to the site of origin. What is the origin of the website is to provide value?. Whether it is knowledge, service or product. This is the value of the performance. Flooding in the age of the Internet, every day we go to copy and paste, creation is junk content, there is no practical significance. A web site update spam more than not update, because the disaster caused by flooding water content on the web site, our competitiveness where? Why the user willing to leave

love Shanghai for the station to send sitemap to invite but grew up in size, the guard stood in a row to the QQ group found these invited friends websites have a common characteristic: high originality. This largely confirmed the official view, the original value of the website. Then through this small event invitation, what can we learn? The guardian briefly explain the three problems.


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