Analysis of five kinds of operation methods of competitors

to view the competition domain history is very necessary, from them we can observe whether domain always belongs to a site. Obviously the domain name has been replaced, released from free information to classic quotations, time also began to transfer from 2011. That is to say this now classic quotations with original domain time advantage, and some of the weight of inheritance. But also has its own disadvantages, which was that the chain largely classified into the chain of garbage category.

can glance to distinguish between the date, but there is no need to date is divided into two layers, one layer can be as long as, this is undoubtedly the layered site can give a port competition breakthrough.

, a detailed analysis of the domain name

Links contributes to improve the PR of the site, we understand this. In addition to PR, Links but also on the keywords ranking has played a good role and can increase website weight. So in the Links link we will not lag behind, and in addition to Links, relevance and quality control chain number and keep your friend chain.

two, page label analysis

Analysis of


search engines love static URL, and hope level shallow point form, so most people will know how to use static or pseudo static drop search engine is good, but there are also some people neglect in the structure. For example, the rival URL level:

three, URL

four, Links.



The structure of

we can win. The Yangtze River to bring forth the new through the old, we ought to analyze the "waves". In the search engine, the competitor is our future, if we want to surpass them, ranked higher, there are more than their advantages. I have to share the operation from the master steal competitor analysis:

a good site will have a good home label description, tag analysis homepage can greatly understand the site keywords and the approximate content. The above title is presented before the search engine hobby of writing, in the limited display words like, as much as possible to write some words. But for now the search engine algorithms, but not necessarily. Usually in the main keywords with the name of the web site to construct a web page title, there is a saying that the weight of keywords will be more dispersed sites assigned to each keyword, it also has some truth, but I think the title page wrote about nature more in line with the search engine requirements.


Although the date of the layered

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