Analysis of Shanghai dragon is not suitable for China’s e-commerce enterprises

at present, with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises to join the campaign. The investment of B2B platform, make enterprise website, there are a variety of ways to do B2C. The most common enterprise website. When it comes to corporate website, I have to tell you the enterprise website promotion. I believe that many companies are in contact with the boss, at present many promotion modes, do the search engine bidding, a Shanghai dragon and so on. Today to talk about the topic on Shanghai dragon, Dongguan Shanghai dragon tide that Shanghai dragon is not suitable for the three reasons of e-commerce enterprises in china.

1. resource cost. Here that the resources are not refers to some unfair means. Shanghai dragon tide said resources mainly refers to the age of two years or more, PR is greater than or equal to 3 of the old domain name. We can use the old domain name to do stand, can also be used to make the mini type resource station group.

2. manpower cost. A good team needs to include the Shanghai Dragon: a Shanghai dragon head, head of the Shanghai dragon must have excellent technology and training ability of Shanghai dragon. An editor, responsible for the editing of articles. A chain of the Commissioner, a Links specialist, a programmer.

two, Shanghai dragon is not cheap goods

will separate the chain and chain specialist? Because the chain is on the line, but also remember the URL chain, and the regular statistics, see if lost, if the number of lost, to record a number by the same amount of. The Commissioner will chain chain check to see whether there are other removed our links, or other site is right to be reduced even by the K, or the other person will not be what program problems, if these conditions >


the bidding cost is too high, more and more enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises employ their Shanghai Longfeng specialist. I believe that there is a part of enterprise management is to understand Shanghai dragon, they can very well lead a good Shanghai dragon team, a clear division of labor, there are strict performance appraisal, the website ranking is also very good and very stable, stable flow, the order is also very stable. But some do not understand Shanghai dragon, they may hire one or two so-called Shanghai dragon, then let them update the point in the article, made outside the chain, sometimes to the point of "guidance", for example, in a free blog to write a QQ write a good mobile phone no good. The result is a large number of blog letters, lead to a chain loss, this result is caused by the site is down right, even by the K, Shanghai dragon staff can only go. This is not Shanghai Longfeng, let the web site to hang in there, or simply do not emerge of itself and perish of itself.

relative to the auction, Shanghai dragon’s low cost, but it is definitely not cheap goods. Shanghai Longfeng cost mainly in three aspects:

, enterprise managers love smatter

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