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chain, is a very important part of the website optimization, found in the A5 forum, have a lot of friends when asked where the hair of the chain, there are a lot of people mixed in the chain of A5, the chain is output at the same site, is not very good. There are a lot of friends, a period of time after the chain, feel very boring, very upset, have no confidence, or deleted by the webmaster, frustrated. Now I put my experience to share with everyone.

A5, also introduced a blog, this method is good, but for the grass-roots webmaster, do not have time and energy to keep. Also a useful tool for the mass of the chain, the method of risk control is not good, easy to be K. Have the time you can try the above two methods. Today I wrote the same as I see the grassroots webmaster, also hope to master my advice. The following is my way to send the chain:

I have the time, you can gather outside the chain forums, each forum without administrative approval, registration, account is the same, the best selection of a registered account to more complex, without being the one and only registered, such as letters + numbers, unified account, convenient management, memory, collect good after use Notepad to keep good. If the forum has special requirements, or require the administrator audit was put out, immediately discarded. Collection of high quality forum, we can go to the hao123 weight navigation station collection, which the forum is not generally high, weight. But in Beijing forum limited.



account collection:

outside the chain, preferably with their own web site has been included in the original article (note here is the original, now 100 degrees to remove repeat rate is too high and the article, you reprint articles others be deleted after the chain of white hair),

finally, I want to tell you that I am using the 1.5 automatic tools, open and insert the AD automatic fill in the title, but charges. The above method is suitable for the grassroots, don’t worry, every day to collect 5 website. Guangxi network (www.guangxiw贵族宝贝) is the chain by the method of these stupid hair, please do not laugh at. Please keep the link. Thank you

high quality, stable, free, simple, outside the chain of combat grassroots Guangxi network

collect the good website, registered account, added to the browser tab to save (here I am posting website address, can open the post, it is best to find the pages, such as "irrigation edition". Put the water into the dating area, must be deleted. (I) good classification, it is divided into 7 categories, Monday, Tuesday,…), easy to open, good, text links, text description, whatever you send.

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