Web site keywords stagnant solution

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Shanghai Longfeng people want fast on-line website, ranked to bring traffic, may cause excessive optimization, although Baidu temporarily will not let website ranking disappear, but stay in a very long time interval, the webmaster will check the website to do what is in violation of the search engine such as internal standard. Too many links, keywords are pointing to the home page.

site excessive optimization

website recently revised, replacement of keywords, being linked to the Trojan, whether the title to fill out, whether to replace the space, the space is stable with a space is there are Baidu K out of these factors will lead to the site keywords can not move forward, the webmaster can according to their own website to analyze the situation, to see what a problem, then find solutions.

, a website content copied to

optimization will be stalled while keywords affects mood, update the article, his hard every day to release the chain, exchange links, but the ranking is always real, although love Shanghai update will not be changed, this is your hard enough? I don’t think this is, from the web space, the structure of the site, optimization and other aspects, in the end what is the problem? The car seat is modified to help you analyze the webmaster.

two, website content missing value of

car seat by modified 贵族宝贝langfangzhongde贵族宝贝 original, reproduced retain links, thank you.

The Three,

, the other four factors of website

webmaster know well, only to be loved by the website search engine to make web site for ranking, import more traffic to let a lot of orders, but only to meet the webmaster search engine and user’s appetite "delicious" can, the above is the author introduces for you, hope to do pro Shanghai dragon to bring some inspiration.

website content is the webmaster hard to write original, but the content of little value, as no one to search, no one, so that the content of the website should not only meet the needs of the original search engine, but also to meet the needs of users, such as female friends like some thing about fashion, but you must be the game introduce related matters, that does not have any meaning.

this is the problem of a commonplace talk of an old scholar on the website, the contents of the original by Baidu that woman’s favorite, every day to write the article particularly enterprises want to write original content is not easy, the webmaster can appropriate pseudo original, let the pseudo original degree at around 60%, as Shanghai Longfeng personnel ability that must have keen observation and analysis of the can not follow that will follow the change of search engine changes. Only a good website to obtain this ranking is normal, if the keyword ranking can not move forward, to update the original article recommended.

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