The internal link strategy since 2012

2, the size of the chain

once in A5 read an article on "internal links" clever articles (specific title remember), the author’s profound influence on it, this article confirms the contents of some problems, whether it is now, the near future or in the distant future, excessive optimization is not the search engine approved, then the internal link strategy 2012 and later

, 1 footer link is not inherent to

in the web site and is embedded in the bottom of the most useful page links, and is most in need of attention, have the same footer on the bottom of each page and do not link on the home page, category page and column page, the home page to vary, but contains useful links for users.

Analysis of The The most important

in such a way as to improve the internal links to you, in the process of updating algorithm is very friendly and meaningful way, the interconnection between different levels, in the search engine algorithm is the best internal link architecture that allows you to connect to the web and automatically select your best page.

linksThe biggest advantage of

the internal construction of Internet is crazy, between each page can be a good link, the entire site is a chain of powerful network cloud, the user can freely jump directly from one page to another page, and the content is very relevant, the page value has been greatly reflected.

footer can cross a complete website for micro zoom links, we need to set up the internal links if? To chart a tourist site, for example:


footer links can be very good to enhance the user experience, especially in the more and more mobile Internet surfing the world, more and more needs to have a good navigation, users can wander to the most valuable website in place, in the bottom of the website can be done without the need to scroll to the top of the page.


The relevant page of

from the previous Shanghai Longfeng internal link building, which is a completely standard architecture, but if you have a detailed analysis of a part of the site in the range, you will find that each page of the anchor text to become a web link, these connections are usually not related to eh, can bring additional value added to the user.

links is to avoid excessive link, the web page classification, according to the type of web page to the site is divided into different levels, for example, web page classification page, product page, product details page, PPC landing page with news page.

4, ccTLD internal links

The internal links



link is based on the relevant page ccTLD >

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