Shanghai Longfeng optimization Psychology from the user needs to do optimization

on the Internet, people pay more attention to the brand, that brand is the intangible assets will become more obvious in the Internet environment, so in the website optimization should pay attention to the brand strategy, this is a long process, optimizing the personnel structure through the web page design and framework, plus professional brand marketing, focus on the clustering effect of the brand, if your site can be in a lot of brand websites are recommended, then your website will be able to have the brand effect. So from the chain construction should pay attention to the brand effect.

brand optimization strategy

users is actually the biggest profit source of the website, and to achieve this strategy is the key to the analysis of rivals, competitors from the analysis of their website and competitor difference, while achieving different definition, let site target user distinguish more clearly, then this part of the innovation of the new user group the concept and the key to the potential user base for promotion, which allows users to have a more comprehensive understanding, and thus open up the user experience context, independent innovation brand website.

user demandThe potential demand for

site optimization the final aim is to achieve the conversion of users, but the users before the conversion, often on the website of the product or service have many doubts, so how to eliminate the doubts? This is actually the core of website optimization. The content of the website construction is the key to eliminating user concerns, the content of the writing should pay full attention to user concerns, according to the product or service may have doubts of a full range of experience, including other users through content analysis, three-dimensional, plus the original content, it is easy for users to believe, because the original contents are also more likely to get the love of Shanghai, get better ranking, it can also increase trust website effectively.


is the innovation of love Shanghai algorithm, but also the future direction of development is to enhance the user experience as the core, so now do website optimization, we need to further study psychology, so as to grasp the needs of users, and then starting from the user needs to optimize the website, we can achieve a multiplier effect.

website optimization Shanghai dragon is to enhance the user experience of the website is to enhance the site’s ranking, before the two before may produce some contradictions, because a good experience of the website is not necessarily can achieve higher rankings in love in Shanghai, so many owners tried to engage in black hat optimization. Now with the Shanghai love algorithm increasingly high degree of intelligence, is in 2013 update of several algorithms, such as Scindapsus algorithm and the two generation, two generation algorithm of pomegranate extremely, the original spark program and so on, are working experience of high degree of weight analysis to improve the website user, so as to realize the user experience and site optimization agreement of.


eliminating user concerns

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