Tencent’s former employees’ startup notes money related mattersCai Cong two basic questions, you can

among the Internet giants, there are many start-ups. I admit that I was one of the "people", but also can be called smart and rational consumers.

this is the two section of simple business notes, the author is Wang Xinwen, 2009 graduate of the Nanjing University, September 2009 to the Department of interactive entertainment in Tencent in Shanghai in March 2013, March 2013 to now and several former colleagues founded the Lilith game Mobile Games turret legend is their later pioneering works.

this is really good, do not have to run to the store, but also door-to-door service, better service can actually cheaper! There are only two possibilities: either the traditional model is "profiteering", there is enough space for profit to provide additional services; or that the original is the traditional pattern of normal profit the lose to the service.

drops first and fast merger, and then merge with Uber, many people think this is O2O mode, burn subsidies, malicious competition, grab traffic business model, unsustainable, helpless results. When subsidies end, capital exits, business returns and common sense returns.

, this is really a magical mobile Internet bonus era, with Chinese characteristics, I understand it as a "demographic" bonus, only in the population first big country can happen.


company doing now? There are 10 people in the company already. At first, I didn’t know what was going to happen. But I do not know why, every day is very happy.

why burn more money to finance, and the higher the higher the valuation of the financing of the story is not sustainable, how to determine the specific O2O project business model is reliable, O2O project whether there is Entrepreneurship and investment value?

even more amazing is that these entrepreneurs seem to be washed brain, always thought that "wool can be out of the pigs", as if not using this logic, that is, "do not have" Internet thinking, Internet genes".

what about courage to give up a handsome income and a steady life? One, life is too short, do not do a bit of cattle, or not at least try to do something cattle, and soon died, must regret. Two, even if the failure of nothing, neither starved to death, the girlfriend does not seem to run with other people, the sun will rise every day.

Here, How is

2015 may be the happiest year for my little citizens, and all kinds of O2O products emerge in endlessly. This

"I left the biggest and the most vulgar" Internet Co

one, time is money, sometimes more valuable than money

accidentally saw two entrepreneurial notes just starting in 2013 when he wrote, so to send out, integration, we learn together.

of course, I don’t know how many times I took the Uber limousine with the bus fare. Nail art, housekeeping, maintenance…… Not only did I enjoy this "age bonus" myself, but I also told my friends and relatives around me to enjoy it.

"a pig can’t grow wool" is a common sense, but it’s a shame to forget


a few months ago Tencent, gathered 32 former classmates and friends, to start a new entrepreneurial life. The goal is to be a small, non tacky mobile Internet Co.

since this year 2013 March, leaving the business starting from Tencent, has been in the blink of an eye for the first half of the year. This half year has experienced many, has many new ideas, therefore has this "after does poineering work know the matter" series. As long as there is material, will continue to write down. Today I’m talking about money matters.

O2O crazy subsidy period, the little people are too happy,

second was written in December 11, 2013:

section of the O2O crazy cash subsidy period, I will in order to get a free lunch reward, download a APP, then after uninstall every time; pay at the convenience store, I will ask the cashier, where a payment discount: WeChat, Alipay or wallet.


the market economy tells us that as long as the industry is fully competitive, profit margins will be more reasonable, it is difficult to have huge profits, so be sure to do business is upside down.

why is it so simple?

first appeared in July 1, 2013, excerpt follows:

will be asked two questions at once: "what’s the courage to give up a decent income and a steady life?" and two, "how’s the company doing now?"

just started buying office computer, I thought the start-up company should save money, the box, CPU, hard disk, memory, video card to buy their own installed. Although the "Kebanchushen, solid basic skills, but because of the lack of experience, a machine to spend for half a day. So I sh419 online, and found that the choice of door-to-door service, installed one to 100 pieces, packed, sent over to spend 50. If I do this day with product design, or write a few lines of code, create value was more than 100! Calculated before work in the Tencent, the company for my daily work pay more than 1000 dollars, not including the surplus value I make for the company "". So how naive it is to save money by installing your own machine,

is even more amazing, there are many VC buy it. O2O startups take big money and VC money to subsidize consumers and brush sales

share investment management partners, enjoy the vote on the investment CEO Cai Cong, in-depth thinking of the above issues. He used familiar "drops" as a case to analyze the logic of O2O entrepreneurship and investment.

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