One home secret love Shanghai new home convenience experience


In fact,

this is the love of Shanghai.

personalized navigation, if you feel the most change is what? I believe that these pages themselves are visited, the largest and the navigation station, navigation station pages are written procedures, are generally sold to advertising, let to provide some users. This position is to spend money, and in the love of Shanghai new home, we can see all kinds of remind news, these pages with respect to the passive acceptance of the page is more affinity, for example, some personalized navigation I love Shanghai, classified as

"one home", is the love of Shanghai to build a new home and secret way, these days has been in some convenient place for the new home of the Shanghai love, in fact, a few days from this point of view, Shanghai new home although love is in accordance with the form of navigation to sort, but many places are of our own to provide their own navigation, it is our own page once visited, then according to some small degree of hot points, this article, from the beginning to now experience the love of Shanghai new home some convenience, the difference in his navigation and navigation.

a) personalized navigation appears, do you use


b) intelligent recommendation, love Shanghai is better than I know myself?




distribution, so that users can directly see such adjustments, but? I am curious love Shanghai how to identify web site, if not wrong, is the love of Shanghai have a set of identification system, so that you visited pages are recorded, and no show to you, in fact, from this point of view, convenience has been reflected, after all they are interested in the page, there is no reason to visit again what, for example, I often focus on one page, so I do not want to search through folders, directly through the love of Shanghai new home page can be reached have to say, good show.

first of all, we see some columns about comprehensive, love Shanghai new home is made, personalized navigation, intelligent recommendation, add resources, real-time notification, hot spots, these four kinds of function template to form, in fact, we can also get the feeling in the home, to this point, let we point to the point of contact, but there is a feeling that it is love Shanghai to launch this expensive navigation mode, on the one hand is to allow users to stay in love Shanghai new home, direct access through the new website home page, so as to improve user stickiness, after all 360 navigation traffic entrance at once occupy 10% of the market share, let love Shanghai on tenterhooks in PC.

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