Love Shanghai algorithm is still around content reform

content can lead to user evaluation, see something, I just want to write comments and found have been written comments;

If the

users are willing to collection sites or subscription, because the content is good, one can’t finish, and the author will update, so it is necessary to subscribe and collection;

we know love is the sea.

want to continue reading interest in the content, such as I watched a good joke, I want to see a

content can lead to the interactive discussion, in other comments I want to express my opinions, and we discuss ideas between the formation of

content reached more than a certain standard, is the quality of the content, although the search engine spiders do not understand the contents of the text are wonderful in which, but through the operation of the user can fully know the content is good, good or bad.

Since In ;

had previously written content and high quality content of a text, then love Shanghai not to make snap algorithm reform in today seems to have some content be inopportune or inappropriate.


users to share content, when you see the good content, want to know people around through a variety of ways.

love Shanghai recently algorithm reform can be described as fast and ruthless, will be the site of those unqualified all into the death row. No matter how to reform the algorithm, its content is always able to escape, and the quality of content. Love is still around the Shanghai algorithm reform content, should be a long-term policy.

The ;

contents are readable, such as you provide a joke, I never heard, very funny, I would like to see

each site can not escape the construction and supervision for the content of love, Shanghai is also a natural site, also can not escape the construction and supervision of the content, but it is larger and heavier responsibility. As long as we put the website user level to improve the quality of the search engine this off without any problems, we are not subject to the search engine.

about the contents, Shanghai dragon old timers are considered to be the most difficult to solve the problem, how to keep always has the new content is probably an important problem. As search engines provide content services for users who have to consider how to screen and show, so love Shanghai algorithm of the reform is to focus on content show, this is it very difficult to break. Even if has been two months to upgrade, or have garbage sites, or accidental injury phenomenon. Love Shanghai Google not pursue the "reasonable" principle of K station, love Shanghai adopted a harmonious principle, as long as the good, the bad directly cleared, no redundancy.

is still one of the core content of the website website construction and website optimization, then we must know what kind of content is very high quality content that love Shanghai. In fact, I feel nothing more than a few points:

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