The necessity of Shanghai Dragon Technology er

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have set foot on the road of Shanghai Longfeng, before I meet a lot of problems, so also know a lot of Shanghai Longfeng ER in which the links are weak:

first, including the old "301 redirect to the new site URL to the corresponding URL, may be more types of online tutorials, so a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is copied directly to

fourth page layout, we all know that in every page, we should give priority to show the most important part of the search engine, the other is to eliminate the noise, should take the important information from the web page layout part head closer to other parts of the JS framework, with noise by.

Here is the

Shanghai dragon

due to low threshold, so now a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is not a technical background, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er still in the content, the chain stage, learning the details senior simple, this is also one of the reasons why Shanghai Longfeng division level er. Not to say that the Shanghai dragon ER technology not strong, if you have a team, Shanghai dragon Er also does not need to master so many skills, and relatively Adsense, SOHO owners and alone people, I am afraid there is no perfect technology difficult, so it is very necessary to Shanghai dragon Er technology.

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second, URL pseudo static treatment, because the search engine has a unique hobby of static pages, so URL static into Shanghai dragon Er courses, so write pseudo static rules became part of Shanghai dragon Er weaknesses;

ASP call data code, here is not convenient to share out.


third, data call, the more used is called forums, blogs, web page section in the article, to ensure that the web page updates, this can be said, do not know the procedures are not how to operate, so it is necessary to learn a data call, said that, I’ll share a case at present, the author had an old website, table page layout, navigation is JavaScript to achieve the effect of home, is a pool of stagnant water, and the boss is not willing to change, I was in such a process, at the bottom of the home called the latest column articles, and in a rolling mode display, the code is as follows:


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