Shanghai dragon play a role to improve the enterprise network marketing performance


to improve the flow conversion rate, let the enterprise through the search engine to get more customers and orders, you need to use the Shanghai dragon optimization improve arrival site traffic quality. Pay attention to select keywords, search keywords for enterprise customers most frequently used keywords are selected and set, determine the main keywords, popular keywords and long tail keywords. For example, companies engaged in sales of OA office system in determining the keywords, can according to the customer’s search habits, determine the main keywords "OA office system", popular keywords as the "best OA office system, the most popular OA office system", "long tail keywords OA office system what brand what kind of OA office system with the best, is the best, so I can use the keywords of several different priority levels for the optimization, guaranteed to bring through the search engine traffic is directed at the" OA system "products, which is beneficial to the development work of the next link.

as an enterprise and Shanghai Longfeng partners, in order to achieve this goal, and not simply to improve the enterprise website keyword rankings and included, but to focus on promoting orders from first to last, and promote the successful marketing goals, the integration of Shanghai Longfeng resources do to attract potential customers, promote the customer orders, to repeat do business, customer service work, in order to improve the quality of high efficient to the achievement of the enterprise marketing.

enterprise competition in reality facing more and more fierce, more and more traditional enterprises have focused on the Internet, the traditional business battle shifted to the network. After all, the object of sales in the traditional regional business is facing more local consumers, while using the network just for the country and around the world to consumers, the effect of different opportunities and therefore will increase exponentially.

first, in order to improve the quality of traffic.

to bring traffic to the company’s Web site in the search engine, should focus on how to make our customers successful order, achieve the objective of transforming the organization and design of the website style and content. On the one hand, to shape the image clear and decent, credibility, high contact clear image of the company, so that customers can quickly understand the company.

however, in the Internet marketing but also is not easy, along with the network popularization competition, company website to the website from the thousands on thousands of blaze a new trail, with my own brand and reputation is not so simple and smooth. Especially in the face of the Internet search engines provide the vast information, how to make the enterprise information is more Internet users see, how to improve the products and services of exposure, is the fundamental way to improve enterprise network marketing performance. To achieve this goal, enterprises can actively play the role of Shanghai dragon, enhance the enterprise’s product or service in search engine exposure, thereby increasing order opportunities, improve the network marketing performance.

two, to enhance the customer trust, promote order decision.

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