New station to station a week every day snapshot

fourth, the forum to do outside the chain, A5, Chinaz and so on, outdated included fast forum signature chain, post, post back. You can also write soft article submissions, the effect is very good.

, the first to love Shanghai for 2 " site automation propaganda machine " submit, rapidly improve site exposure rate, hair one or two times, don’t often send

chain, I tell you my way.

, a web site chain

third, submit the classified catalogue catalogue now submitted need your station to do a Links, then you do, wait a week for the audit included anymore. You can submit more than a day, but remember that one day not to delete more than 4 links.

fifth, the chain blog, go to Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other major blog articles, every day a original or false original article, a new blog is not recommended a few days ago with a link to the article, and included with the link.

Three, the content of the website Reasonable internal links in the

because the update cycle for a web search engine spider crawling and indexing cycle of website content, website content so the need for regular updating and maintenance. If can the original course is OK, but the owners of the original energy is limited, every day is unlikely, so often to the original. Now there are many pseudo original tools, we find a famous and free pseudo original, reasonable insert relevant key link and bold, let the content >

website, help to improve the spider crawling in the fast speed, is conducive to the site included page, but also between the weight transfer site within a very favorable, and very quick way. When the chain should pay attention to what? Whether the first check, death chain and chain breaking in the content, because the search engine will be very offensive, so when the optimization chain within the site, it is necessary to establish a 401 page, to avoid the impact of the death of the site. Second, built on the site at the bottom of a site map, and submitted to the search engine, website map on the website optimization is good, but also have a good user experience.

! )The

two, the construction of the chain (part

second, Links platform to submit a site, find every snapshot or snapshot of relatively new platform to submit, will often go to update information, so we have to contact you for Links, which can make the high quality the chain.

has many webmaster rookie very upset, why his station on the line for a week, two weeks, or even months are not included? Or why only included a home page? And always keep up the snapshot. And they will find a new snapshot a week every day for them is not likely to be. But I do, I’ll tell you what I do every day a week on the new snapshot.

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