Google proposed to punish too much advertising webmaster how to deal with

another is back playing advertising, advertising in the form of this is that when you go to one of his websites shut down a web page, a new page will pop up. Pop ads are the same as the nature of the bad, not by the search engines love, or even hate. I have had this experience, that is I a flow station, also made the pop ads. Time to change with others Links, others actually because my site put the pop-up ads and I refused to exchange Links. This let me have this small shock, because the other party that generally do POP advertising sites are some of the rubbish site, so don’t exchange with me. So do the window advertising website basically with the same label affixed to the garbage station. It is also because of this I immediately made just near the window advertising, because pop ads for search engine damage, so here introduced, here recommend that all owners do not pop ads.

Now most of the

website or by advertising in the profit, but a few days ago Google has clearly put on too much advertising website punish. This for some advertising financed website is really a bolt from the blue ah, because at present for most of the sites from search engine traffic still accounts for a large part, that is to say on the search engine is still quite large. If a web site in the search engine had very good performance of the site, because the site was once the search engine drop right punishment, traffic decreased significantly and has a great impact on our advertising revenue. So today we are going to talk about this thing with a website advertising. I hope to arouse still rely on the website advertising the webmaster attention.

there is a floating advertising, such advertising is unfavorable for the search engine, because this kind of advertising will affect the opening speed of the web page, Google has now made it clear to open the site keywords speed will affect the ranking of a website. Another is because the floating ads will affect the user’s browsing, this is also very hurt users. If you have a friend who really want to do this kind of advertising, so you’d better rent a better server. The site open speed provided quickly, let the floating down to the effect of advertising is very small, the second is to put the floating size of the advertising drop is very small, allowing users to browse your site pages more convenient.

for the user to maximize the number of injuries to pop ads, here to introduce pop ads is divided into two kinds, the first is you open a pop-up page to a new page, this pop-up ads is the most hurt the user experience. It will not even some Internet friends thought it was their own computer poisoning? This hurt the user pop ads, search engines will naturally do not love. This advertising search engine is clearly put down the right, because under the user’s knowledge is also reluctant to open the. This advertisement is completely contrary to the will of the user, search engine advertising is not the user can control is not tolerated.

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