How about the market Hot pot

said the hot pot shop opened a good prospect, running a hot pot restaurant exactly how? Can not make money? This is a lot of investors want to join the hot pot shops will have some questions. Hot pot in the catering market share of how much? Look at the following data analysis you know:

according to statistics China Cuisine Association, the first half of this year the whole society catering industry turnover of 264 billion 960 million yuan, this year is expected to reach 570 billion yuan, of which 1/3 credit from the national Hot pot Hot pot, a year income 200 billion yuan. While in the first half of Chengdu’s food and beverage industry revenue, hot pot accounted for about half of the revenue. read more

How to set up educational institutions with market prospects

now have a lot of extracurricular education and extracurricular training institutions began to be popular, at the same time, there are a lot of people see opportunities, have begun to invest in education industry, which is an important source of educational institutions. So before we invest in education, we should learn how to recruit students in educational institutions?

first clear enough subdivision in the selected field of teaching. The core of teaching content on the market a lot of education to join the center are very similar, such as the main development potential, is a public are the potential development of education, to join the lack of awareness of consumers, it is difficult to choose from these aspects are really outstanding education to join the brand, if can choose, they will take a very long time and energy. read more

Heavy analysis of Apple’s mobile phone sales cold reason

compared to the popularity of Apple’s mobile phone, apple watches sales situation is not very optimistic, and even reached the realm of cold. From April to the present, the sales of Apple watches have been unable to lift up, this is why? With a company, why is it cold? Below, this article will analyze the reasons for the cold apple phone.

, a wearable device outlet really arrived

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How to do well the development of education industry in Dalian

education is a key topic of concern for the whole nation, the development of the country can not be separated from the talent, personnel training and education is the key. For education reform and innovation, all over the country have their own way. So, Dalian how to do a good job in the development of education industry? How to do Internet plus education?

6 18, free trade zone wisdom education industry forum held in bonded eco city. The forum invited the influential experts in education, the connotation and the wisdom of education industry trend, the development of industrial projects, the realization of the path of the policy problem is discussed, and the bonded eco city through "Internet plus education" mode transition to wisdom education industrial base strategy is discussed. read more

What is the most profitable work to answer

after the Spring Festival, looking for a job has become a hot topic, the purpose of our work is to make money, then, what is the most profitable work? Do you have such a question? Xiaobian this is to introduce the most profitable work now.

now what is the most profitable? What industry concentration is low, what industry is the most profitable." This is a great truth. When college graduates to apply for a job, my advice is usually: to the industry concentration of the industry to practice skills, to the low concentration of industry to become the boss." If there are thousands of Companies in the industry, a few thousand businesses, indicating that the industry’s low concentration of industry, has not yet achieved oligopoly. Such industries, usually low barriers to entry. read more

What a good way to lose weight

modern people for the pursuit of the body is almost a magic state, weight loss has become a lot of people every day in the pursuit of things. Moreover, in order to achieve better weight loss effect, many people are constantly trying a variety of weight loss methods. So, what is a good way to lose weight? Next, let Xiaobian with everyone together to know a variety of weight loss methods.

what is a good way to lose weight? 1, sports weight loss: skating / Bike / jogging / walking, natural therapy, safe without side effects, not easy to rebound. read more