Old Xie personal webmaster how to write soft Wen thinking

long time no talk about my own soft experience, today is the first day of 2010, some problems about soft Wen promotion 09 years old Xie write personal webmaster, want to have good help for your website promotion.

soft Wen use universal rate

from just a few people writing soft, and now everyone with a soft, Laoxie feel happy, because the soft Wen, the old Xie is looking at a part of individual stationmaster level, until now, has become a kind of ability, from the promotion of a personal website originally, now in some famous network company as a network promotion work. read more

The site’s operations and marketing need to be lined up and lined up

operations and marketing have always been inseparable, but many websites in operation mostly focus on marketing, so that the operation of the work will be forgotten. This allows website operation errors, the operation problem is far more than just a part of marketing, marketing operation of the operation, still need to go to the website brand, website promotion, overall planning direction. And many enterprises believe that as long as the goods sold out, word of mouth comes naturally, as long as the marketing part of the good, then still afraid no one concerned about it? This is not understand the drawbacks of operations. read more

Some experiences of e-commerce development in local information network

talked about the local information website promotion experience with you yesterday, and today we will discuss the development of e-commerce in local information network.


e-commerce has been developed areas accepted, but relatively undeveloped areas, e-commerce, online shopping will be more reminiscent of a liar, the quality is not good ideas in these areas, online shopping is far less than the local shopping, we have to analyze the electronic commerce and the local store difference. The local shop entities, you can try try, if there is a problem can also be returned to find businesses, quality guaranteed, in general, the prestige is a problem, if we can get a kind of electronic commerce with entity shop reputation, then people will accept electronic commerce, which gives a development opportunity for the webmaster. read more

What to do to make the goods do not worry about selling

said that the sale of goods, and now many shopkeepers are complaining, because the competition is too intense, the business is too bad to do. And talking about the current retail business, often heard some peer friends pour grievances, economic downward pressure, business is not good to do. As a business engaged in nearly 10 years of business, I think, do business as long as the following two aspects, the store’s goods are not worried about selling.

on the one hand, to achieve customer focus. Operators to customers in good faith in order to retain customers. Today, with the rise of the network, into the physical retail stores are mostly old customers, repeat customers, as a business operator should be more responsive to their privileges. Without the consciousness of active service, even to the customer’s inquiry show impatience, natural is not desirable. read more

Summarize three ways to deal with various website construction procedures

with the growing popularity of the Internet industry in China, various CMS free website building procedures are emerging as well. Now, we want to build a powerful web site also has not so difficult, although the establishment of a web site has a lot of program can choose to now, but when it came to a real choice, there will still be a lot of people will shilly-shally, it will lose a lot of opportunities.

also has a lot of friends to ask, what kind of procedure suits to do Taobao guest, what kind of program suits advertisement alliance correctly, what kind of program returns quickly?. In fact, these people are dependent on people’s sense of the program, a web application is merely a tool we use it, and how to treat the program has become a pressing matter of the moment, many new webmasters will be built. read more

Question and answer website’s way out without innovation, you can only quit the stage

when a group of a group of small and medium sized quiz website disappeared after the traditional question answering sites such as Baidu know, ask 360 (former Qihoo (Sohu, Sogou q) ask questions and Search ask after the merger of the full name) also faces the crisis, they use their earnings to make the information time the achievements of today’s Baidu know, 360, Sogou quiz to ask, but as time precipitation, even the search engines are growing, the Q & a site is still marking time, is the time to think about the progress and innovation. read more

How to develop friendship links between local stations

do the chain is the webmaster friend most headache thing, because we all know, in the site itself based on the good situation, similar to other sites, we can compete only external links. Well, how to effectively build the chain step by step, here is my own summary of experience.

in doing the chain, we should pay attention to the following two aspects:

first, the chain in essence, not entirely rely on quantity to support the

second, is the validity of the chain, sometimes looked at others to add a link, but in fact this link is useless. Well, I’d like to point out that if the sentence "nofollow" is added after the link, the link doesn’t work. It means ". read more

How do novices earn money from an advertising alliance

is now the most profitable of Baidu and GG advertising alliance.

I like the secretarial chowder network, www.rrrwm.com by the end of 2007 to do, because he is writing, hundreds of times, then you want to earn some money at the beginning, do not understand, only know that there is a GG advertising, on the application of the new regulations, but to wait for half a year, this flash, by June, finally application to the beginning of GG advertising, do not know how to put it at the mercy of only know better, although many, but click on the price is very low, only zero point one cents, then got some experience in the book, just know more ads, but not good, summed up the 460 multiplied by 60 ad in the paper in the strip, 600 times on the right and a skyscraper 16 try, click on the price increase to zero point four cents, novice friend, as you can imagine, many novice is desire daqiuduo, anxious to put a few more, the result is just the opposite of read more

Discussion on popularity of sports forum from Table Tennis Forum

recently I have been concerned about a table tennis forum, think from this forum we can learn some methods of Sports Forum "poly" popularity, these methods are used in different industries I believe can also play a special role, and many of them are some forum itself should need to have the properties of so, from this forum I saw what


point 1: attract attention by sporting events

in this table tennis forum, I saw the unique way of operation of the sports forum, that is, the way to report the city type competition, will love sports friends together, as shown below, read more

By webmaster tools are attacked, talk about grassroots webmaster network security issues

today is June 24th, almost all webmaster know, webmaster home webmaster tools today can’t open. I opened the back in Webmaster tools. With the shield wall test code, that is webmaster tools was attacked. There is some time ago to search outside the 20G attack traffic and stood in a row by traffic attack. Also, the author has a website that has been attacked by big traffic, which can not be accessed by the website. Here I would like to talk about network security issues.

when we grassroots webmaster in the day and night to do the station, when one day the site is up, there are users can make money. At this time, hackers will come from time to time. Perhaps this is the Internet cafe, I always think that the gray Internet is the most active place in China’s internet. Because the competition is fierce, the good marketing promotion pattern all comes to the underground internet. read more