What kind of people can become profitable grassroots webmaster

that night, although there are some things to deal with, but are pushed out, and in the stay-at-home mom exchange, from 19 to 12 in the morning, before the end of the exchange, at the same time the stay-at-home mom has officially become a new webmaster, she spent several hours to do a simple website of their own.

three. What kind of people can become profitable grassroots webmaster

two. What kind of people can become grassroots webmaster

In fact,

grassroots webmaster, in the previous article also introduces some necessary conditions, the author itself is a grassroots webmaster, probably also want to get what one wants to be a webmaster, mostly just access to the Internet, feel fresh white on the Internet, this kind of people want to make money through the Internet this kind of crowd, age, young students, a little older but also at home with children stay-at-home mom this kind of person, I want to be a webmaster, the purpose is to realize their own value, but this is just "want". read more

High quality, stable, free, simple grassroots combat chain – Guangxi network



chain, is a very important part of the website optimization, found in the A5 forum, have a lot of friends when asked where the hair of the chain, there are a lot of people mixed in the chain of A5, the chain is output at the same site, is not very good. There are a lot of friends, a period of time after the chain, feel very boring, very upset, have no confidence, or deleted by the webmaster, frustrated. Now I put my experience to share with everyone.

A5, also introduced a blog, this method is good, but for the grass-roots webmaster, do not have time and energy to keep. Also a useful tool for the mass of the chain, the method of risk control is not good, easy to be K. Have the time you can try the above two methods. Today I wrote the same as I see the grassroots webmaster, also hope to master my advice. The following is my way to send the chain: read more

Blog chain resources keep not vulnerable

2. blog Optimization: do the 2 links in a blog post, a pointer to a pointer to the blog page, page classification. The article can be inserted into the appropriate relevant pictures, increase the interest of readers.

1. is not Shanghai dragon and Shanghai Dragon: if a blog is just a few days to get outside the chain of resources, I’m afraid I The loss outweighs the gain. The ultimate purpose of raising blog should be drainage, it is clear to everyone, common is to step on someone else’s blog, more friends and so on. Through the message, to attract people to visit your blog. The key is whether your paper is attractive. First of all, to see your friend’s blog, best to write some comments. Don’t just leave a sentence: "good" read more

How to diagnose of Shanghai dragon enterprise website to improve the user experience

architecture is the skeleton of


is the flesh and blood of

space is the site of the


space Zhishizhizhong website is the foundation of survival, not a stable and fast space to do security, want to develop the website is almost impossible, if you are a user, open a website for more than a minute, I ask, you have the patience to wait? Therefore, site open speed too slow, it is affecting users of the site. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team suggest that the webmaster friends in the choice of site operator service providers must be careful, in addition, in the design of the site is not to look good, we sacrifice the speed of the site, the site of the long-term development of operation is very unfavorable. read more

Optimization of WordPress WordPress WP Super plugin cache

can also see the web folder under cache see supercache sub folder, the inside is pure static cache file Oh ~ so far on the success of the blog, the access speed is slower? Don’t hesitate. It quickly ~

then came the plugin page, the default WP Super Cache is not enabled, we choose the first, and then update the state.

finally enabled plug-ins:

then select advanced options, check the following:

WordPress believe that many of them choose to do independent blog is the program, then it what are the advantages? In fact, WordPress to a foreign PHP source program, the reason why many people take it to do blog, because it is the plug-in function is very powerful, simple and easy to understand, although most of it is English. But there are a lot of tutorials, don’t worry about that. At the same time, the security of WordPress is very outstanding, and now many people are doing Shanghai dragon, WordPress has also developed a lot to Shanghai dragon plug-in, compared to other programs at the same time, Shanghai will certainly love to WordPress more weight will be higher. read more

Analysis of Shanghai dragon is not suitable for China’s e-commerce enterprises

at present, with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises to join the campaign. The investment of B2B platform, make enterprise website, there are a variety of ways to do B2C. The most common enterprise website. When it comes to corporate website, I have to tell you the enterprise website promotion. I believe that many companies are in contact with the boss, at present many promotion modes, do the search engine bidding, a Shanghai dragon and so on. Today to talk about the topic on Shanghai dragon, Dongguan Shanghai dragon tide that Shanghai dragon is not suitable for the three reasons of e-commerce enterprises in china. read more

A brief analysis of the influence of personality on domain name Shanghai Longfeng optimization

The influence of The domain name is

independent domain name in the user view is equivalent to the brand building, may not contain the website operation keywords brand domain name, is not related to domain of a keyword, is more elaborate on the enterprise brand, such as the love of Shanghai search engine, Google search engine with domain name search engine keywords take root pressure above, for some large enterprises, in the site before they have their own brand, its own brand name site, it is easy for users to remember domain name, if only use keywords website, and can give users more deep impression, the business enterprise products too much, is not unique to the user brand the concept of. Such as the A5 Trading Forum change new domain name.Net, managers pay more and more attention to the importance of the domain name, the domain name of personality can certainly help A5 brand building more powerful. read more

Explain why price change not to the actual effect

(1) landing page settings is not necessarily that home is the best, and long tail keywords related pages, this will be brought directly to the user the product page, reduce website bounce rate and increase conversion rate.

lack of skillAbout

advertising, first pay attention to is a keyword matching problem, only making accurate analysis of key words, to make the most of the needs of users to search our information, and in the key words or describe design, not only to describe the highlights, but also in innovation under the foot, about us it can get some enlightenment from competitors, and we are heading of creative production also understand a problem, because in the word limit, then we will describe the innovation control in 80 characters or less, but not all the time we can fight in the home of the central reality advertising, if the ads appear on the page right, it should be as far as possible the use of red, in order to show the title + description form. read more

How the chain is the value chain to the site

two, the chain is


is also according to their own industry to release the chain, because the only way to make our site outside the chain.

believes that many webmaster have very big feeling for the chain, but two years ago, various forums, blogs, video website, web site favorites and so on places can be released, but in recent years more and place less and less, and the value chain of the increasingly low, we need to to consider the effect of the chain real this time, exactly what kind of chain is valuable to our website? Really can bring to the site of positive energy. read more

Analysis of five kinds of operation methods of competitors

to view the competition domain history is very necessary, from them we can observe whether domain always belongs to a site. Obviously the domain name has been replaced, released from free information to classic quotations, time also began to transfer from 2011. That is to say this now classic quotations with original domain time advantage, and some of the weight of inheritance. But also has its own disadvantages, which was that the chain largely classified into the chain of garbage category.

can glance to distinguish between the date, but there is no need to date is divided into two layers, one layer can be as long as, this is undoubtedly the layered site can give a port competition breakthrough. read more