Govt employing smoke and mirror tactics

first_imgDear Editor,As Guyanese say “When yuh hand in tiger mouth, yuh got to pat he head” and so it is in Guyana presently, with a Government facing an unhappy electorate, the patting of heads has begun in earnest.The Ministers who have recently fallen from ivory towers have dusted off unused hearts, affixed same to sleeves and are among the populace in small packs, in a hurry to give you goodies from the bags of promises previously made but heretofore forgotten.The election injection is indeed the cure for all inflictions. The coalition Government is employing smoke and mirror tactics to avoid that cure, but given the record of the incumbent Attorney General, they are nonetheless pragmatically engaged in ‘Government outreach’ to persuade the population that the fruits of all the magic bean trees are now ripe for the picking. House lots; Cash grants; Jobs that do not involve breadfruits; ICT hubs; call centres; Small business loans are among the contents of the ‘I Heart you’ package. When Damien Marley sang “Some boy nuh know dis, dem only come around like tourist, On the beach with a few club sodas, Bedtime stories,… And don’t know the real hardcore” he could well have been talking about Granger’s band of kavakamites.Editor, it is only fair for a deprived population to take what is on offer. I urge my fellow Guyanese to go get whatever is being shared; it is, after all, our patrimony. We have been taxed an additional $88 billion a year by this Administration.We, the people, have paid for their extravagances, their jet-setting, ‘doing anything but work for the people’ lifestyles. So take what’s on offer, but do not be fooled, all skin teeth nah laugh, these are the forced baring of fangs, false love and patience on display and after this ‘nice time’ cometh our penance should they ever be voted into office again.The ominous signs are plain for all to see, if this hand evades the bite of the Constitution, the bite that demands lawful elections, the bite that expresses the true will of the people, then the Granger Administration will destroy all the tigers that keep them in check, the Constitution; GECOM: Integrity Commission; Procurement Commission and of course the parliamentary Opposition. Jessie Burnham famously penned “Beware, I say my brother Forbes, His motto is the personal ends of power justify any mean means used to achieve them. His Bible is the Prince by Machiavelli. And we the people should he come to power will be only pawns in his endless game of self-advancement.” A similar warning is now issued about Forbes’ acolyte David Granger, complete with evidence of his rule to date. Stay Woke.Respectfully,Robin Singhlast_img read more