Fox News Twitter account hacked reports Obama shot dead

first_imgFox has already suffered two embarrassing hacks this year. The first saw details of X-Factor contestants leak including their full names, date of birth, zip codes, and phone numbers. Then LulzSec broke into a Fox database and stole a bunch of employee usernames and passwords. Today, there’s been a very public third hack that has seen the Fox Twitter account compromised.For the past few hours the hacking group Scriptkiddies has been in control of Fox’s News Politics Twitter account. While that alone is embarrassing, the messages being posted make this ten times worse. There have been six tweets so far pointing to the fact President Obama has been shot and killed, all of which are fake.AdChoices广告As it’s a big holiday in the U.S. today this could go on for a few hours before someone at Fox strolls into work or logs in to check everything is running smoothly. Whoever that is, they are in for a big shock and some quick scrambling to reclaim the account. It’s actually surprising Twitter hasn’t done something about this already to be honest, but again, July 4th is going to be a slow day for action.If this was the first hack Fox had fallen foul of we’d be less sympathetic, but this is the third in just a few months and something needs to change. Yes, they are being targeted by hacking groups, but then the security should be in place to deal with such attacks if you are as high profile an outlet as Fox.via TNWlast_img read more