A simple futuristic vision for a modern Guyana

first_imgDear Editor,Below are some of my suggestions and deliberations on Guyana’s oil wealth and the way forward for a prosperous and united Guyana for all.1. First, and of utmost importance, we need a hydroelectric power plant. In this way, the cost of everyday necessary expenses will decrease. For example, we will only have to pay 10 per cent for electricity, water, internet of what we are paying now, and we will be able to afford air conditioning, electric stove for cooking etc to drastically improve our living conditions at a very low cost. Electricity is the utmost power, not man, even though man invented it.2. Three solidly structured bridges across the three main rivers Berbice, Demerara and Essequibo. This will help in integration and faster delivery of goods and services and access to more lands. Government still has to collect tolls on these bridges but a small amount reasonable to the citizenry of Guyana.3. Our own oil refinery so we can maximise on oil revenue by way of transparency and by-products.4. All-weather roads from Georgetown to Lethem and from Crabwood Creek to Orealla5. A piece of land, free of all charges and expenses to be given to every Guyanese aged 18-60 who is living here permanently who doesn’t own a transport title. This must be a priority and must be done urgently.6. Duty-free concession for a vehicle to be given to each Guyanese citizen living here from the ages between 18-60. One concession in their lifetime regardless of vehicle size and engine capacity.7. Borders to be properly secured. Stringent measures should be put in place. This should be a top priority on the list of security measures.8. An agriculture hub. This is more important for after oil money we want a piece of fertile Guyana where you created a smart agricultural hub for agricultural produces strictly for export markets with the highest technology for cattle, poultry, crops, manufacturing assemble plants etc. We must create for this part of Guyana we choose, to have access to air, sea and land transportation. This modern agricultural hub with its plants etc must cater for 400,000 workers when completed and be handed over to Guyanese to own, operate and manage. Guyanese can pay back for it by way of an arrangement with Government. Government must concentrate on collecting taxes not to own, manage or run any business sectorLastly on agriculture, most nations built their foundations on agriculture since ancient times before oil no one dreamt of and now our world’s population is growing at a fast rate – there are seven billion of us and growing on planet earth. We will have more and more mouths to feed. There is no substitute for freshly grown food but now a lot of renewable energy sources have sprung up like solar, wind, hydroelectric dam, and electric vehicles and so on so. In time, fossil fuel will be obsolete so we have an all-weather climate and land, we have to utilise the money in that direction for a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren and future generations to come. God gave us a chance so we need to utilise the oil revenue in a bliss way so we, all Guyanese, can prosper and carve out the path for our children of the future Guyanese generation to tread on our path we have left behind for them.9. National Assembly members should be 18-60 years old, let young and fresh and active brains take over, over 60 years, go home, retire and enjoy your golden years ahead and reminisce on your past achievements10. The President of Guyana should be able to run for more than 2 terms. This should be left open, let the citizenry of Guyana decide by their vote11. Income tax should reduce to 10 per cent. This way the citizenry will have more spending power and put more energy and zest into the population.12. Citizenship. Guyanese citizens living here solely for the past 20 years and above and between the ages of 18-60 must be given the right to sponsor one person in their lifetime – any foreign nationals – into Guyana with certain criteria for the potential immigrant etc, deportations for any criminal activity they may commit here etc. And the sponsors remain responsible for the immigrant until a certain number of years living here and until they gain citizenship stipulated by the Government.The Government must not bestow citizenship to any foreign nationals, it must be left solely on the citizenry13. Scholarships should be given to the 100 top students every year. Every single penny should be paid by the State until they finish their studies and return to Guyana and commence work here with the State for a specific time determined by the State.14. Banks. More foreign banking institutions should be encouraged to invest in Guyana. More competition is good for the people of Guyana. Lower interest rates and other benefits etc.15. Rehabilitation of all public buildings into concrete structures16. Build the bridge between Guyana and Suriname. This will be the final connectivity in the western hemisphere17. The remaining oil blocks that are not tendered out shall remain until the Government formulates an agreement that is conducive to both parties, the Government and the potential tenants and mainly the Guyanese populaceWith all these things implemented, Guyanese will have a life worth living and a land of paradise on earth given our meagre population with the enormous wealth in its path furthermore, Guyanese will not need any cash incentive or handout from oil money, they will become self-sufficient and independent gradually.Whichever Government implements these hardcore projects, they have a vision for Guyana and with these measures, the benefits of oil prosperity will trickle down to each and every single Guyanese living here. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to comprehend this.Sincerely,Sarvanand J Persaudlast_img read more