first_imgIS IT TRUE when a business are having major budget shortfalls they make serious budget cuts?  …our City Council are experiencing major budget shortfalls challenges so they just give themselves a raise?IS IT TRUE that 3rd Ward City Councilwoman Anna Hargis CPA recently contacted former City Councilman John Friend CPA to ask him to explain to her about a few item concerning the proposed 2017 budget?  …they talked about 30 minutes?  …we wonder why Ms. Hargis hasn’t contacted Mr. Friend since then?IS IT TRUE at last nights City Council meeting we thought we heard Finance Chairman Dan McGinn  state that the budget problems were caused by the spending practices over the last 12 years?  …we wonder what former Mayor Winezapfel thinks about Mr. McGinn’s alleged remarks?IS IT TRUE people are telling us every time Governor Pence goes out of State the Holcomb and Crouch ticket takes a 1 to 2 point lead?  …we hear that political insiders are hoping that during the next 50 plus days the Trump campaign will require Pence to campaign in other States?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that the voters want to hear what Holcomb -Crouch political platform is all about?  …we already know what Governor Pence is all about?  …it’s time for Holcomb and Crouch take control of their campaign for the next 50 plus day if they expected to be elected?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that the political message of U S Senatorial candidate Todd Young is getting the attention of the independents thinking voters?  …Representative Young political ads make reference to his military background and his opponent being a well paid lobbyist for the last several years are really getting the attention of the independent thinking voters?  …we predict that Mr.Young campaign has all the markings of a major political upset?IS IT TRUE one of  last week our non-scientific but trendy “READERS POLL” question was “Who would you vote for If the election was held today for District 77 State Representative seat?” …197 CCO readers voted in  this  poll? …the results were:  Johnny Kincaid -98, Ryan Hatfield-80 and Don’t Know was 19?   …it looks like Ryan Hatfield, Candidate for State Representative District 77 endorsements from the Indiana State Teachers Association, Indiana Fraternal Order of Police, and the Indiana AFL-CIO meant very little to the CCO readers?IS IT TRUE the results of another non-scientific but trendy “Readers Poll” concerning District 1 County Commissioner race are as follows: Sean Selby (R)-139,  Ben Shoulders (D)-121 and 45 Don’t Know At This Time….it looks like we have a political barn burner in the making?IS IT TRUE we hear that the last two (2) Vanderburgh County Republican party Saturday breakfasts meetings  have been cancelled because of lack of interest?  … were told by a couple of political workers for candidates for Vanderburgh County offices that they boycotted these events because of the way the Mayor and his party Chairman are quietly supporting their Democratic opponents?IS IT TRUE that last week CCO poster Joe Wallace said:  “I even have no problem with Hillary having the nuclear codes. She would forget them in a week and eliminate the threat of nuclear war.”?  …this was one funny post?IS IT TRUE since Mark Owen give up the reins of being party Chairman of the Vanderburgh County Democratic party has only won a very few County elections?  …like Mr Owen or not we think history has proven that he has done one heck of a job as a Chairman of the Democratic party because during his tenure he only lost very few elections and always kept a good sum of money in the political party war chest?IS IT TRUE that the current Democratic party Chairman Rob Faulkner has a reputation of doing very little to help his party candidates? …if you don’t believe this statement please ask former Mayoral candidate Gail Riecken?EDITOR FOOTNOTE:  The next “IS IT TRUE” will be posted on this coming Friday.Todays READERS POLL question is:  WHO WOULD YOU VOTE FOR IF THE ELECTION WAS HELD TODAY FOR DISTRICT #3 VANDERBURGH COUNTY COMMISSIONER?Please take time and read our newest feature articles entitled “BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS” and “LOCAL SPORTS” posted in our sections.If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] LinkEmailSharelast_img read more